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This lease is made under usual terms and applicable legal provisions in similar matters and in particular to those hereunder that the tenant is liable to meet, failure to comply may lead to liability for damages and may result in the termination of the agreement at the absolute discretion of the attorney, forfeiting the right to claim any loss of rent paid.

Arrivals and departures

  • The accommodation will be available on arrival day between 16:00 and 18:00
  • The accommodation should be vacated on departure day  before 10:00 am.


In the case of a cancellation, it is agreed that:

– In case of cancellation,  less than 30 days before arrival the deposit already paid are retained.

After payment of the balance the deductions will be as follows-

Less than 21 days before arrival, 50 % of the renting amount is retained

Less than 14 days before arrival, 75 % of the renting amount is retained

Less than 7 days before arrival, 100 % of the renting amount is retained

If the tenant does not notify the lessor of a delay of more than two days in respect to the planned arrival date, the lessor reserves the right to try to re-let the accommodation.

 Occupation and maintenance

The premises must be personally occupied and properly maintained.  All the fixtures should be in working order and any complaint concerning them which arises more than 24 hours after entering into the occupancy of the premises will be processed, but can involve the tenant’s responsibility.  Repairs to be made due to the negligence or poor upkeep during the rental will be paid by the tenant.  The peace and quiet of the neighbourhood must be respected by the tenant and members of his party.

The premises are let furnished with kitchen equipment, dishes, glasses, duvets and pillows, as listed on the inventory that you will find in the lodge.  If it is deemed necessary, the proprietor or his representative reserves the right to claim from the tenant at his departure: the price of cleaning the rented premises (fixed at 300 Euros), the total value of the price of replacing objects, furniture or equipment which have been broken, cracked, chipped or damaged and those whose use have exceeded normal usage for the length of the stay, the price of cleaning duvets which have been soiled, an indemnity for any sort of damage to curtains, wallpaper, ceilings, rugs, carpets, windows, bed linen, etc…

The security deposit must be paid upon arrival, either by a cash payment or by leaving your credit card details with reception (bank pre-authorization on visa and mastercard only).

The tenant cannot deny the proprietor or his representative access to the premises should they ask


At an additional cost, your cats and dogs are welcome in our resort (on request at the time of booking), limited to one animal per property and on presentation of a current vaccination certificate with valid rabies vaccine. Your animal must be protected by a recent treatment against fleas and ticks (very dangerous). The animal must be electronically tagged or tattooed by a professional.

Animals are strictly forbidden in the restaurant, reception, playgrounds and in the swimming pool areas. Please not to allow your pets in the bedrooms or on the furniture.

You are responsible and can be accounted for any damage incurred by your animal during your stay on our resort

You are kindly requested to dispose of any nuisance left behind by your dog or cat. Reception can provide you with plastic bags if needed.

*The present contract is considered as accepted after payment of the deposit.